Immediate Relatives: Exceptional I-130 filing in Brussels

Petitioners residing in Belgium, who believe that their situation merits an exception, may request an exception to allow the Consular Section in Brussels to accept the filing.  Each request for an exception will be evaluated individually. A petitioner seeking to file a Form I-130 (201KB – PDF) in Brussels should email the Consular Section at  to request consideration of the request for exception and explain the circumstances in detail.  Please do not forget to add scanned copies of supporting documentation.  The Consular Section will then relay the request for an exception to the USCIS field office with jurisdiction over the Consulate.  The determination of whether the case presents exceptional circumstances that warrant an exception to the general filing process will be made by USCIS.  For guidance on what an exceptional circumstance may be, please check the USCIS website.

Certain self-petitioning widows of U.S. citizens may file form I-360 at the Consular Section in Brussels.  An appointment is required to file the petition.  To schedule an appointment,  please follow the instructions on our website.