U.S. Memorial Day Commemorations in Belgium

Each year, the U.S. Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium observes Memorial Day by participating in commemoration ceremonies to honor the more than 14,000 American soldiers buried in Belgium in World War One and World War Two cemeteries.  This year, Memorial Day ceremonies for the American soldiers who fought and died in World War Two will be on Saturday, May 24 at 10:00 am at Ardennes American Cemetery, and at 16:00 at Henri Chapelle American Cemetery.

The Memorial Day ceremony for the American soldiers who fought and died in World War One will be on Sunday, May 25 at 15:00 at the Flanders Field American Cemetery in Waregem.

When President Obama visited Flanders Field American Cemetery recently, he said,

“And while they didn’t always share a common heritage or even a common language, the soldiers who manned the trenches were united by something larger — a willingness to fight, and die, for the freedom that we enjoy as their heirs.

“Long after those guns fell silent, this bond has endured.  Belgians and Americans have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our European allies in World War II and through a long Cold War, then from Afghanistan to Libya. And today, Belgium is one of our closest partners in the world — a strong and capable ally.” 

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