Emergency Passports

Imminent Departure — If You Need a Passport on Short Notice

If you need a passport within the next two weeks, e.g. because you have an emergency situation, your application will require a personal appearance.

Please bring the following with you:

  1. Either the DS-82 passport application form (if you have an undamaged, full validity, 10 year passport issued within the last 15 years) OR a DS-11 passport application form (for all others) – see also our section on children’s passports for additional requirements for children;
  2. Your old passport – click here if your passport was lost or stolen;
  3. One U.S. format (2″x2″ /5cm.x5cm.) color photo (see photo requirements and list of specialized photographers). Belgian format photos cannot be processed!
  4. The appropriate Passport Services fee must be paid in cash, euro or dollars, or by credit card.