Amend a Passport

Elimination of Visa Page Inserts after December 31, 2015 (PDF 176 KB).

By Appointment Only

(a separate appointment per applicant and per service is required).

Customers requesting name changes, extension of validity for limited passports, or correction of a printing error have to apply for replacement passports.

If the change is within one year after issuance, please submit a printed BAR-CODED online U.S. Passport Re-Application Form (DS-5504), together with the passport that needs the change, the documentation required, and one new passport picture.  There is no charge for routine processing.

If the change is more than one year after issuance, customers will need to submit a printed online Application for Passport (DS-82, DS-11), together with the passport that needs the change, the documentation required, and one new picture.  When completing the Form DS-11, include the social security number (SSN). Of course, if the requested data change is due to a printing error by Passport Services, there will be no charge.

This service can also be done via mail. The passport will be mailed to you by regular mail free of charge.  Please be aware that these envelopes cannot be traced.  The Embassy declines any responsibility for the delivery of passports by mail..  If you prefer to have your passport returned to you via registered mail, please provide us with a stamp for registered mail and three stamps for regular mail at the time of your application.  You also have the option to pick-up the passport in person from the Consular Section during our public hours.

Send your application with your passport, one photo, stamped envelope to:

Embassy of the United States of America
Passport and Citizenship Unit
Boulevard du Régent/Regentlaan 25
B- 1000 Brussels.

For more information on applying for a U.S. passport, forms, and a wealth of other international travel information, please visit the State Department website at