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Travel Restrictions
August 9, 2016

The following security procedures have been implemented at Brussels International Airport for flights to the United States. Passengers are advised that these measures are not identical to the procedures for flights departing the United States.

U.S.-bound passengers from Brussels can take one single piece of carry on luggage on board the airplane.

Passengers are requested to check in 3 hours prior to their scheduled departure time.

Electronics are allowed in carry on luggage.

Liquids and gels must be packed in your checked baggage, except for the following liquids which may be transported in carry on luggage:

  • Mothers milk, baby food, and fruit juice for accompanying babies or little children.
  • Prescription medicines
  • Insulin and other necessary medication without prescription.

Additionally, liquids, gels, and creams can be purchased at the airport shops but they will be delivered by airport staff to the aircraft where passengers can take them on board. Airport shops will assist passengers with this procedure and answer any questions passengers may have.

These security measures also apply to passengers transferring to a U.S.-bound flight at Brussels Airport.


Please note that the European Union has recently adopted security measures pertaining to the carriage of liquids as carry on luggage which will go into effect shortly. The new measures will modify the procedures set forth above with respect to the transportation of liquids as carry-on luggage. We will update this broadcast message upon implementation of the new measures. Prior to traveling, or for further information please visit the Brussels Airport website at: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/ or contact your airline.

For information regarding security procedures for domestic and international flights departing U.S. airports, please visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website at: http://www.tsa.gov/.