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March 29, 2022

Subject line

The subject line of a contract opportunity should be mentioned on your submission form and should be identical to the posting in order to be considered

Closing date

Keep an eye on the closing date! If a contract opportunity mentions e.g. ‘January 31, 2022 prior 16:00PM’ as a closing date, then all bids should be entered before that date and time. Bids entered after the mentioned closing date will not be considered.

Place of contract performance

A contract opportunity always mentions the place of contact performance. In other words: where should the contractual works be performed performed or where a company bidding on a solicitation should be based.

NDAA Micro Purchase Express Form

As part of the Public Law 115-232, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), The U.S. Embassy requires vendors to fill out the NDAA Micro Purchase Express Form to verify representations regarding Covered Telecommunications Equipment and Services.

Registration in SAM.gov

Some contract opportunities require an active registration in our Federal System of Award Management (SAM.gov) prior to submitting a bid. If your company hasn’t registered yet, you may do so by following the instructions. You may reach out to our Brussels Procurement Team or the Federal Service Desk if additional assistance is desired.

Specific contract requirements

Depending on the contract opportunity, you may be required to submit additional information. In this case, click on the solicitation number you want to bid on. The PDF that will download can be used to fill in the needed details and to re upload when submitting.


In case of any questions, please reach out to our contracting team at BrusselsBids@state.gov.