The Embassy of the United States of America is selling used household furniture and appliances, office furniture and equipment, and vehicles on
Monday June 29, 2020.

Please note that the sale of used furniture and household appliances, office furniture and equipment will be in the form of lots that will contain between +/- 40 and 60 pieces each.

A description of the lots and vehicles in included in the mail and will also be accessible via the link: From Monday June 08, 2020 to Friday June 19, 2020, in addition, Lots and vehicles can be seen at the depot, Fabrieksstraat 13, 1930 – Zaventem, on sale day itself, Monday June 29, 2020 between 07:30 and 15:30 hours.

List of lots

Vehicles for sale

Access to the warehouse in order to come and see the lots and vehicles will only be possible / authorized on the day of the sale, Monday June 29, 2020 between 07:30 and 15:30 hours, Fabrieksstraat 13, 1930 – Zaventem.


Interested buyers MUST send an email with their first and last name to Mr. Stevens François at at the latest on Tuesday June 24, 2020 at 16.00. 

Each interested buyer will be contacted to agree on the time at which they can access the warehouse so that they can view the lots and/or vehicles and submit their offer(s).

Upon arrival at the warehouse, visitors are requested to come alone and must provide their identity document

  • In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, wearing a face covering will be mandatory and no more than 4 visitors will be allowed to enter the warehouse at a time. All rules of social distancing must be respected, non-compliance with the rules could lead to expulsion from the facility.
  • This will be a “sealed bid” auction. Interested buyers will note the number of the lot(s) and/or vehicle(s) on which they are interested in bidding, indicate his/her offer on the Bid form (to be provided upon their arrival at the warehouse), and place their bid(s) in a box provided for this purpose. In order to be contacted, buyers must indicate on the Bid form their first and last name, as well as the telephone number where they can be contacted. Buyers who make the highest offers will be contacted by telephone on Tuesday June 30, 2020.
  • Payment for the lot (s) / vehicle(s) must be made to the BE85 0018 1407 5206 account, BIC code (SWIFT) GEBABEBB with number of the lot (s) and / or VIN number (s) of the vehicle (s) in communication within 2 working days after the buyer has been informed. For lots / vehicles that have not been paid during this period, the second best offer will be taken into account.
  • For the removal of lots or vehicles, buyers must contact Mr. Van Dessel Frankie at +32473/603155 as soon as the payment is completed. The removal of lot(s) and/or vehicle(s) will only be done by appointment and with proof of payment, from Monday July 06, 2020 to Thursday July 10, 2020.
  • The buyer is requested to appear only on the day and time scheduled by Mr. Van Dessel, to provide one or more vehicles with sufficient capacity to remove all lots/vehicles being claimed in a single visit. In addition, the buyer must provide sufficient staff to load his / her lots/vehicles.  In order to maintain social distancing, the staff of the U.S. Embassy warehouse will not be authorized to help load the lot(s).  Lots will pre-staged for the buyer on the loading dock in advance of his/her scheduled collection time.

Conditions of sale

  1. The items are sold in the place and in AS-IS condition in which they are found without possibility of recovery, the Government does not give any guarantee on the items sold.
  2. The government reserves the right to withdraw any item from the sale for its own use before the sale opens. 
  3. The Government reserves the right to reject any submission which will be considered non-compliant with the value of the property or reject any submission when there is evidence of collusion, complicity or corruption.
  4. All taxes are under buyer’ responsibility.