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Grant Programs

The Office of Public Diplomacy manages the U.S. Embassy in Brussel’s grants program, which is designed to assist non-profit, cultural, and educational organizations implement programs that advance U.S.-Belgian ties. All available grant opportunities offered by the U.S. Embassy in Brussels are posted online on this site or at to ensure open competition and transparency.

General Guidelines

  • All forms must be completed in English and all budgets and other figures must be converted to U.S. dollars ($).
  • Where flights to and from the United States are part of a program, these flights must adhere to the provisions of the Fly America Act and/or the EU-U.S. Open Skies Agreement.
  • If you receive a grant reward, you will work with your assigned Grants Officer and/or Grants Officer Representative to ensure that your program costs are allowable to implement your program successfully.

Annual Program Statement

The most recent opportunity advertised is our Annual Program Statement. You can find it by visiting and searching “PAS-BE200-FY20-01” for organization applicants and “PAS-BE200-FY20-02” for individual applicants. Applications will be accepted from now until July 20, 2020 on a rolling basis. This call for proposals seeks applications for programs up to $100,000.

A grants review committee reviews proposals on a quarterly basis to evaluate and prioritize proposals based on the availability of funds. We invite proposals for projects that strengthen ties between the United States and Belgium by highlighting shared values, promoting bilateral cooperation and enhance the understanding of the United States in Belgium. All grant proposals must convey an American cultural element, support a priority program area, and include a connection with American expert(s), organization(s), or institution(s) in a specific field that will promote increased understanding of U.S. policy and perspectives.

Our current priority program areas are:

  • Programs that demonstrate active partnership between the United States and Belgium to address new and evolving security challenges;
  • Programs that highlight U.S.-Belgian cooperation that counters terrorism and transnational crime;
  • Programs that strengthen the transatlantic economic ties between Belgians and Americans;
  • Programs that support a long-term investment in U.S.-Belgian ties through educational, cultural, professional, and other exchanges between our two
    countries; and
  • Programs that have a national reach and impact by linking likeminded
    organizations across linguistic and regional divides.

We welcome applications for programs that reach out to:

  • Academic institutions;
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs;
  • Community leaders;
  • Cultural institutions;
  • Journalists, media organizations;
  • Social and new media users;
  • U.S. and Belgian thought leaders;
  • Women and youth from underserved communities; and
  • Youth

Grants may be requested for a range of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Academic and professional lectures, seminars, and speaker programs;
  • Artistic and cultural workshops, joint performances, and exhibitions;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in technological or other fields;
  • Grassroots programs that counter the influences of violent extremism;
  • Media co-ops and press outreach;
  • Professional and academic projects;
  • Sports-related programming; and
  • Youth leadership programs, especially for minorities.

The following types of projects are not eligible for funding:

  • Charitable or development activities;
  • Construction projects;
  • Fundraising campaigns;
  • Lobbying for specific legislation or projects;
  • Projects relating to partisan political activity;
  • Projects that duplicate existing projects;
  • Projects that support specific religious activities; or
  • Scientific research

Work Space

In order to submit applications for consideration, individuals and organizations must set up a Workspace account and use it to submit all application materials. You can find information at:

SAM.GOV Registration

In order to participate in our grant or federal assistance programs, applicants must be registered in the database at  If your organization is based outside of the United States, you must first obtain DUNS and NCAGE numbers before registering at Instructions are provided in the Annual Program Statement.

Important Note

There are no fees associated with registration or other steps in our application or grant management process. This is important to note because there are many organizations that will offer support services for a fee. These organizations are not endorsed or otherwise affiliated with the U.S. government. This applies to any emails or other communication from these entities.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the above information or working with us through a grant program, please send us an email at