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Economic Section

The Embassy’s Economic Section monitors the full range of economic relations between the U.S. and Belgium and provides U.S. government agencies with accurate, timely, first-hand information and expert analysis on current economic and financial developments in Belgium. The section maintains regular contact with a variety of Belgian government institutions, American and Belgian business organizations, think-tanks, and non-governmental organizations. The section follows Belgian economic policy developments to understand how they will affect U.S. interests, advocates for U.S. economic and business interests and works to explain U.S. economic policies and financial regulations to Belgian audiences.
The U.S. and Belgian enjoy a high degree of cooperation on a broad spectrum of issues. Among the issues tracked by the Economic Section are:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Energy
  • Financial Services and Financial Regulation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment and Investment Disputes
  • Telecommunications Policies

Other Resources

Treaties & Agreements

Belgium has no specific investment agreement with the U.S.; investment-related issues are covered in the 1951 Treaty of Friendship, Enterprise and Navigation.

The U.S.-Belgium income tax treaty (PDF 84 KB) is in force since October 13, 1972. A technical explanation of this treaty (PDF 100 KB) can also be consulted.