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Build your bridges with the United States

In March, the U.S. Embassy to Belgium will hold a hybrid business event entitled “Build your bridges with the United States.” The purpose is to inform and connect Belgian business leaders exploring the U.S. as a location to expand their operation with relevant business development professionals. This event will be organized with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade, Wallonia Export Investment, and Brussels Invest and Export.

Ambassador Adler will host an in-person business event in Brussels on March 27, 2024. Prior to this, by March 1, participants will be able to connect online with SelectUSA and more than 12 U.S. State representatives and experts, to discuss possible expansion and to prepare for the networking.

Participants will learn from experts about the United States and the benefits of attending the SelectUSA Investment Summit.

For more information or to participate register at: https://itamatch.com/event/buildingbridgeswiththeusa